Good Work: Le Labo

lelabo3 I often talk to people about what differentiates one company from another. For me, the companies that set themselves apart are the ones that understand what it means to be a brand and use their brand to create a unique experience for their consumers.

One of my holiday gifts this year was a bottle of perfume from Le Labo. I walked into a Le Labo boutique while in LA last year but didn’t know which scent suited me best. After the holidays, Dan and I went to the Le Labo store on Elizabeth Street and picked out a bottle of Rose 31, a combination of musk, rose, cedar wood and cumin. They actually market it as a masculine scent but I smelled it and loved it.

The company is unique in the sense that all the perfumes are “made to order,” which according to Le Labo, guarantees that the freshest, fullest fragrance is captured. All the perfumes come in a simple vintage looking bottle and a label personalized with your name. It is then packaged beautifully into a box with the same personalized label. It is impossible to walk out of their store, your customized bottle of perfume in hand, and not feel as if you are holding something unique and special.

Le Labo is a great example of a company that combines high-quality products, interesting packaging and a unique retail environment to create a memorable brand experience.

Le Labo has three boutiques- NY, Tokyo and LA. It is also available at Colette in Paris, Liberty’s in London, and select Barney's locations.