Yasmine Chatila

4 The Bachelor, Wall Street, Friday 11:34 PM

I recently had dinner with some new and old friends at Palma, a lovely Mediterranean Italian restaurant in the West Village.  The meal was served family style, which was conducive to this type of gathering- lots of laughter, random topics and interesting stories.  I sat next to a very talented artist, Yasmine Chatila, whose work I find beautiful.  She finds the subtle intricacies in her subjects and somehow each piece is quiet yet disturbing in the same breath.

From April 9 until May 16th her work will be up at the gallery, Affirmation Arts.  The show, Surveillance, curated by Rachel D. Vancelette features other artists including Tomory Dodge, Jeffrey Gibson, Charles Harlan, Shin il Kim, Caitlin Maloney, and Angelo Plessas.

Affirmation Arts 523 West 37 Street, New York NY 10018 Gallery Hours: Monday-Friday 10-6, Sat, 11 - 5 pm