hello health part I

hellohealth Let’s see now….I’ve been sick for the past month

coughing √ larengitis √ sneezing √ sore throat √ swollen glands  √ pink eye in BOTH eyes √

Today I called Hello health.  The founder, Dr. Jay Parkinson recently presented at Pecha Kucha.

“Hello Health serves as your old-fashioned neighborhood doctor, remodeled for today's lifestyle— an experience found nowhere else in health care. And, on top of being accessible and affordable, we focus on you, as a real live, busy person.”

How does it work you ask?  You pay $35/month, schedule your own appointment online and depending on your needs your appointment is billed accordingly.

Simple Visits (quick, easy or online)$100 Moderate Visits (the middle ground)$150 Complex Visits (long and complicated) $200

How exciting is it that I have an appointment booked next week with a doctor who:

-believes in treating the whole me -treats the same problems and does the same procedures as any primary care doctor -will email, IM and video chat with me if I need a followup or have a question -gives free generic medications for urgent problems and online prescription refills.

Part II to follow after my appointment on Tuesday.  Stay posted.