Hironao Tsuboi

hironao 'Creative Faces' is D&AD’s way of highlighting talent in different regions producing great creative work.  They held their first event in Japan, while launching the D&AD exhibition at Advertising Museum Tokyo.   Akira Odagiri of Ogilvy & Mather Japan served as Chairman of the panel and then they invited 2 top creatives from Japan and 2 from the UK to select a creative team/person whose work exhibits some of Japan’s most exciting talent.

One of the judges was Joe Ferry, Head of Design, Virgin Atlantic.  He selected Hironao Tsuboi.

I think Tsuboi's work is modern, accessible, simple and playful.

This is Joe Ferry's description of why he chose Tsuboi as a 'Creative Face.'

"Virgin Atlantic once ran an advertising campaign, with the strap line – ‘some say why, others say why not’. This expression could be used to summarize Hironao Tsuboi’s work. He has the ability to look at everyday objects in a completely new way….In fact making simple designs look good is one of the most difficult things to do. Who would ever have thought that a watch could become exciting if you entirely remove the watch face – this guy clearly did.

He turns a negative into a positive. Hironao Tsuboi’s glass design creates a beautiful detail from essentially a condensation drip. I feel this glass captures his positive take on life, which is both admirable and infectious.

By creating great designs that make people smile, Hironao Tsuboi is definitely a creative face of the future."

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