Marcel Dzama

marcel photo from We Make Money not Art

Last December, we were visiting our friends in Seattle when I came across a book that featured a number of pieces by Marcel Dzama, a Canadian artist who is probably best known for his figurative sculptures as well as his pen and watercolor compositions.  I find his work to be beautiful yet creepy. His characters and the environments he places them in are elusive, leaving me to dream up interpretations of what the stories he creates mean.

Since that weekend by the fire in Seattle, I’ve been drawn to his work so it was really exciting when I heard that PopRally, a program of events at MoMA that targets a younger, more hip audience, would be doing a special premiere of the video for Department of Eagles' "No one Does It Like You," which is directed by Patrick Daughters and Marcel Dzama. Dzama was also responsible for the costumes and sets. The video feels like Dzama's illustrations and sculptures coming to life in a choreographed battle of women vs. men that plays itself out during the course of the song. Definitely worth a watch.