Outstanding in the Field aka Jim Denevan pt. II

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In addition to being a talented artist, Jim created Outstanding in the Field, a world-wide traveling dinner feast inspired by his "farmer dinners" which took place during the mid 1990s at Gabriella Café in Santa Cruz .  At these dinners, Jim would invite local farmers to preside over special meals featuring their just-picked harvest. Lucky for us, these dinners have evolved into dinner parties that take place in any thing from a sea cove to a refurbished barn or a stately museum.

After a tour of the site where the dinner is being held, everyone sits together, farmers, winemakers and adventurous food lovers to experience,  laugh and mostly, honor the committed people whose hard work brings the love and nourishment to the table.  Sounds like a perfect evening to me...

I've already got my tickets to the dinner being held at Queens Farm with guest chef Bill Telepan of Telepan restaurant. Who wants to join?

You can find the 2009 Season Farm Dinner Schedule here