Yes Please: The GOOD 100

good_magazine_100_cover_017 Good, a magazine "for people who give a damn," recently released their first ever GOOD 100.  They invited people to nominate people, businesses and institutions who are making the world a better place.  After a complex process of nomination, ranking, and voting, they compiled a list of those who are driving change in the world.  Their list ranges from the city that is manufacturing the first American-built streetcars in almost 60 years (Go Portland!) to a program that aims to save water and money by paying residents $1 to $2 for every square foot of grass they replace with drought-resistant plants.

As promised on the cover, some I have heard of and some I have not. Either way, it is presented in an interactive grid that is both aesthetically pleasing and inspiring.  Every day until October 22nd, they will release five new entries so make sure to check out the site often.

*How amazing is the cover of the issue?  The cover was shot by Will Etling and styled by Brian Rea and features an amazing collection of hand-cut (and glued and taped) construction-paper models.  They gave us all a behind the scenes look at the shoot here.