Spreading the Love: Stumptown Coffee

Today I received a package that took me by surprise and made my morning, day, week. stumptown

The lovely folks from Stumptown Coffee Roasters sent me this amazing care package.  I don't even know where to begin...seriously.  Perhaps with the chocolate bars studded with coffee beans.  I mean, what better way to start my day then with Mast Brothers Chocolate made from  72% cacao beans that features Stumptown's direct trade espresso beans from Haile Gebre's Mordecofe farm?  Well it's only 10am, so maybe it's best to start with a french press of some of their fantastic coffee?   Just can't decide between the Anniversary Blend, Kenya Gaturiri Reserve or the QUEEN of all coffee, the Panama Esmeralda Especial.  I've never actually had the opportunity to try this coveted coffee because it is so incredibly rare, so much so that only 47 roasters were able to get their hands on it in the 2009 auction. If you don't know about this magical coffee, read about it here and buy it directly from Stumptown here.

Thank you Wendy and Duane for this incredible package....