Good Work: Chiquita Banana

I am really digging the new redesign of the infamous Chiquita Banana. Screen shot 2010-03-05 at 2.06.26 PM


DJ Neff created a campaign that included these fantastic sticker illustrations, Facebook integration and a microsite with viral videos, a sticker generator and a 3D flash game.

Design:Related recently interviewed him about the design process, the beauty of a client that says "make bananas cool" and the importance of brand equity.  Check out the interview here.

Client: Chiquita Banana Campaign Name: Eatachiquita Creative Direction: DJ Neff, Mark Krajan Art Direction: DJ Neff Designers: Hillary Coe, Luis Gonzalez Contributing Designers: Dyanna Csaposs, Nick Perata, Roscoe Ferguson Developers: Neil Katz, Chris Isom, Isaac Dettman CG Developers: Kyle Figgins, Ryan Kaplan, Steve Han, Gene Arvan Production Company: The Famous Group