Yes Please: Knuthenlund Dairy

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Wow.  I am loving the graphics and art direction of Knuthenlund Dairy and how gorgeous is that photography?  I dream of a picnic with loved ones,  warm sunshine, a wheel of this Brie and a fresh baguette.  Who's joining me?

*Via: Lovely Packaging

"From Knuthenlund Estate in Lolland has operated an organic farm since 2007, striving to offer high quality organic foods and at the same time taking care of the unique nature, that is characteristic for the Danish island of Lolland. In the Easter of 2009, Knuthenlund opened a whole new dairy farm in one of the former barns on the estate. The dairy farm is based on milk from the estate’s own organic milking sheep and goats. The fresh milk is handled very carefully to preserve its taste and structure.

Knuthenlund puts pride in affecting the environment as little as possible. This approach is also important in the packaging design process. This is why Knuthenlund Sheep’s Brie is sold in boxes made of sustainable poplar wood. And the brie is wrapped in paper made by potato starch.  Knuthenlund’s Sheep’s and Goat’s Milk is sold in reusable glass bottles. In the printing process, it has been important to limit the use of printing colour. Knuthenlund also offers gift boxes made by unprocessed wood. The inspiration came from the old fashioned hay boxes. The box are isolated with the estate’s own hay and are therefore in line with Knuthenlund’s ambition to run a farm that both shows consideration for product quality and the environment.”