Making it Happen: The 99% Conference

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Yesterday, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the 99% Conference put on by the fine folks at Behance and Cool Hunting. The premise of the conference is based on the famous quote by Thomas Edison, "Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration." The conference focuses on the fact that having a great idea is not enough, you need to actually make those good ideas happen; you need to take action.

The conference was filled with surprises including the release of the DROID Incredible by HTC and of Scott Belsky's new book, Making Ideas Happen. We also got an early viewing of four new videos from Cool Hunting's video series.  I was particularly fond of the video featuring Brooklyn based chocolatiers, Mast Brothers Chocolate.

It's hard to sum up a day that included wisdom from some of the best creative visionaries across a variety of industries, so instead I'll give you a sampling of some of my favorite quotes.

"Don't let planning get int he way of doing" -Leslie Koch

"Nobody likes to change, until not changing hurts more than doing the actual change." – Jamie Oliver

"The purpose of a strategy is not to come up with the right answers. It's to enable you to act." - Frans Johannson

"What is the smallest executable step that you can take to develop any of your ideas? Define it." - Frans Johannson

"A successful partnership is based on the willingness to share the ownership of ideas." -Masamichi Udagawa

"Working alone requires a battle against yourself. With a partnership, that battle turns into a dialogue" -Sigi Moeslinger

I'm excited to spend some more time checking out some of the tools that The 99% offers on their website including The Action Method, which is a project management tool that can be used both on and offline to stay organized and action-oriented.  Also, if you haven't done so already, be sure to check out Cool Hunting's Video Series.  They all are really fantastic.