Monday Morning Inspiration: Little People

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Screen shot 2010-04-22 at 5.46.49 PM

Screen shot 2010-04-22 at 5.47.05 PM

Aren't these amazing?

This is the work of Slinkachu, a London based street-artist who for several years has been creating these little people in and around cities.  Slinkachu's inspiration for the project is that in a city, we rarely pay much attention to the ground so he got the idea to create a hidden world of little people that are just waiting to be discovered

The figures that Slinkachu uses were originally created for train sets and usually come unpainted. Depending on the scene, he will cut up, repose and hand paint the figures so that they become a beautiful and intricate art installation.

Slinkachu sums it up best:

"The street-based side of my work plays with the notion of surprise and I aim to encourage city-dwellers to be more aware of their surroundings. The scenes I set up, more evident through the photography, and the titles I give these scenes aim to reflect the loneliness and melancholy of living in a big city, almost being lost and overwhelmed. But underneath this, there is always some humour. I want people to be able to empathise with the tiny people in my works."

Enjoy more of the Little People here.  And buy the book, Little People in the Cityhere.

*via Paper Tastebuds