Monday Morning Inspiration: Event Horizon

"The ambition is to make people visually aware of their own surroundings and the skyline above their heads."  -Antony Gormley

Picture 2

If you live in or have visited NYC in the past two months and spent any time in Madison Square Park, you may have seen Antony Gormley the artwork of Antony Gormley, a British sculptor and Turner Prize winner, known for his abstractions of the human body.  As part of his installation, Event Horizon, Gormley created thirty-one life size nude replicas of himself and scattered them along the sidewalks and buildings throughout the park and Flatiron District.  Standing 6-feet-2-inches tall, the sculptures were cast out of iron and fiberglass and are in my mind, one of the more interesting public art installations I've ever seen.  There is something wildly optimistic about the installation.  You get the sense that these figures have insight into endless possibilities and every time I look up and see them as I am passing through the park, I feel a sense of hope.

If you haven't yet taken a look at these skyline installations, do so.  They'll be up until August 15th.  You can see a map of the locations of the sculptures here.