Monday Morning Inspiration: Ride a Bike

Rob Forbes is one smart (and inspiring) cookie.  His name may not ring a bell but you may know a little company he founded called Design Within Reach, which made modern and mid-century furniture accessible (no one said affordable) all across America.  Once only available through furniture dealers or interior designers, DWR made it possible to buy a Saarinen tulip table or Cherner armchair without having to wait months for it to be be delivered.  This was considered ground breaking in the interior design industry.

Over the last two years, Forbes has spent time focusing on one of his other passions, urban design and mobility.  The result?  Public, a company that aims to create a world where our urban streets and sidewalks are reclaimed for walking and biking and our public spaces are developed for better human interaction and conversation.  How do we create this world you ask?  By introducing well designed bikes that are both comfortable and functional, making it easier for us to  get around, whether it is to drop a letter off at the post office or picking up groceries for dinner.  As expected from a man like Forbes, these bikes think through the details-- upright handlebars, 35 MM tires wide enough to handle curbs and potholes but narrow enough for speed and a step-through frame design making it ideal for city riding when you frequently need to stop and put your feet on the ground and easier for those of us  in skirts and dresses!