Monday Morning Inspiration: The Sketchbook Project

I'm a fan of sketchbooks.  I  bring one with me on every journey abroad and sleep with a Moleskine by my bed. They are filled with menus from some of my most memorable meals, ticket stubs from my favorite concerts and general observations and collections.  My favorite part about keeping a journal/scrapbook/sketchbook is not the process of filling it up.  Rather, the nostalgia I feel as I look back through them.

I was so excited the other day when I happened upon The Sketchbook Project while browsing one of my favorite blogs, written by one of my favorite people.

The Sketchbook Project sends each participant the same blank Moleskine and then based on the theme that they've chosen ("I'm sorry I forgot you", "Things found on restaurant napkins", "Make mine a double," "In 5 minutes"...etc)  each artist can interpret that theme according to their own style. After the sketchbooks are filled and returned, the books go on tour around the U.S. to various galleries and venues.  At the project's end, each book will be honored by being permanently cataloged into The Brooklyn Art Library system.  In light of our upcoming move, I picked the theme "Down Your Street" so I can document my first few months in the new neighborhood.  My hope is that the journey of filling this book will help me keep my eyes open wider and my thoughts a bit more present as I explore new territory and wander the streets.