Monday Morning Inspiration: Renate Müller

I am in love with these animals designed by German artist, Renate Müller.  Created nearly 30 years ago, they were first used for balance training and orthopedic exercise by psychiatric hospitals and clinics throughout Germany. Each creature is handmade and has an internal wood structure that is covered in jute and peppled leather, which is then stuffed with fresh wood shavings that take Müller nearly a day to complete.

This fall, the TriBeCa gallery R 20th Century will host the first North American retrospective of her work, “Renate Müller: Toys and Design.  The retrospective will showcase some vintage pieces as well as more than 60 new ones.  The artist will be in attendance at the exhibition opening Tuesday, October 12, and will lead hands-on demonstrations at a special Family Day on Saturday, October 16.

*via T Magazine