Hungry: The New Brooklyn Cookbook

A few weeks ago a friend sent over a recipe for Brick Chicken with Mustard Greens from one of my favorite restaurants, Marlow and Sons.  The recipe was reprinted from a cookbook that had yet to launch, "The New Brooklyn Cookbook."  Inspired, I ordered the cookbook last week and it just arrived. Written and compiled by husband and wife team Brendan and Melissa Vaughan, "The New Brooklyn Cookbook,” gives well deserved nods to "old" Brooklyn (i.e Di Fara, Peter Luger and Nathan's), but also focuses on the surge of new restaurants popping up in the area, transforming these less than desirable neighborhoods into culinary destinations for those who never had a reason to cross into the borough of Brooklyn. While I'm familiar with about half of the restaurants in the book, I was excited to discover the handful that were new to me including Northeast Kingdom, Aliseo Osteria del Borgo and The Grocery.   I can't wait to explore some new Brooklyn territory and try more recipes from the book.

In addition to being a "cookbook," the recipes are accompanied by gorgeous photography and a little background on each restaurant.   There is also a hand drawn map of the restaurants and interviews with food artisans like Jessamyn Waldman from Hot Bread Kitchen and Annie Novak from Eagle Street Rooftop Farms. You can buy the book here.