Good Work: Pen Type-A

I'm super excited about backing this project on Kickstarter.  The design duo CW&T have created what they are calling the Pen Type-A inspired by their favorite pen, Hi-Tec-C.  The Hi-Tec-C is  made by Pilot and only available in Japan.  Coveted by many for its fine lines and smooth flow, this is known as THE pen in the design world.   CW&T set out to replace the Hi-Tec-C's cheap plastic housing and created the Pen Type-A with a stainless steel case that takes every aspect into consideration--doubles as a ruler, internal lip that protects the tip from getting pushed in too far, raw steel finish that won't scratch, replaceable ink cartridges, etc....

The pens will sell for $99 but if you fund their project on Kickstarter, you be rewarded with a 50% discount.  With a $50 donation, this beauty can be yours.

You can read more about the Hi-Tec-C here.