Discovered: Knog


I got a spiffy new bike at the beginning of the summer and have been riding it as often as possible.  Sometime it's to run an errand, other times for a day at the beach, but mostly it's to get to and from work.  This has meant that I often get caught at the office well past sundown and need something to light my way for the ride home.  Enter Knog, my new favorite bike lights. The Australian company has created some of the more stylish  and smartly designed bike accessories I've yet to come across from lights to locks to bags.

I first picked up the Frog Strobe, which are really small and light.   They did me well until I discovered the Boomer Rechargeable, which are waterproof, super bright and rechargeable via USB.   They literally plug right into my computer and I've only had to recharge them once in the last three weeks.  I like how small and compact the Frogs are but love how bright the Boomers are. Check out Knog's site to see their whole line.  Soon they are releasing a pretty sexy lock called the "Strongman" that is certainly going to give the Kryptonite a run for their money.