Read: The Joy of Quiet

After a long walk through the neighborhood on New Year's day, I came home, curled up on the couch and made my way through the Sunday Times.  The first article I read, The Joy of Quiet, could not have better articulated one of my New Year's Resolutions; I want to spend less time consuming information and more time observing and processing.

Pico Iyer's article addresses the somewhat trendy desire to escape the constant stream of information.  The trick, as we all know and constantly feel, is the balance.  How do I stay connected to the world in a way that helps influence my insights on what's relevant and appropriate yet creates space for the thinking to take place?  I struggle with this balance constantly and while I think there is no one right way, I do think that we all have to try to separate ourselves from everything that is coming at us literally second by second through our twitter feeds, emails, phone calls, instagram likes, calendar invites, RSS feeds etc.  As Iyer said so eloquently, "it's only by having some distance from the world that you can see it whole, and understand what you should be doing with it."