Discovered: The Punkt Alarm Clock

One of my New Years resolutions was to no longer sleep with my iPhone next to my bed.  No more checking emails as soon as my eyes open.  No more sending off late night emails that could wait until morning.  So our "charging station" got moved to the other side of the room, which meant we lost the other function of our phone--the alarm clock.  For the last couple weeks we have been using the classic Braun Travel Clock, my husband's from growing up, but it lacked a snooze button.

So the hunt began.  Our requirements were simple--well designed, slim profile and a snooze button.  We scoured blogs for "best alarm clocks," "modern alarm clocks," etc... to no avail.  Then, on a rainy Saturday afternoon we popped into Moss and came across what I am now deeming the perfect alarm clock.

Designed by Jasper Morrison for Swiss brand Punkt, the AC 01 is everything we were looking for and more.  I love how simple and intuitive the controls are and in addition to a snooze function, glow-in-the-dark hands and dial, it also has an led light that illuminates with a simple push of a button.  You can buy one online here.