Good Work: Sabi

寂 SABI [/sab-i/] noun - A Japanese cultural aesthetic inspired by the notion of life’s transitory and evanescent nature. Deliberate or cultivated simplicity in daily living. Artistic representation that strives toward refined understatement.

Created by Assaf Wand and Yves Béhar, Sabi brings "design, functionality, and aesthetic to the most basic day-to-day things."  Inspired by companies like OXO and Simple Human, Wand and Béhar tackled medication and pill management products as their first challenge.  From a 3-compartment clip-on travel pill box to a pill splitter, Sabi's "Vitality" line aims to make the task of taking daily vitamin and pills more enjoyable.  In addition to be ergonomically friendly, the line is price friendly raning from $8.99 to $29.99.  You can buy the products directly from the Sabi site here.

*via psfk