Wrapping it Up: 2012

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Last year I did a recap of all the things that made 2011 a spectacular year.  It was a great exercise for me to reflect upon all of the experiences that impacted, influenced and inspired me. And regardless of the fact that I am months late pulling this together, I realized that it still matters and feels good to get it all down.

When I thought about the past year and what it embodied, one word kept bubbling up:  boldness.  I tried new things, pushed and pulled myself in new directions, got both comfortable and uncomfortable and jumped all the way in.  It wasn't the prettiest or ugliest of years.  And when I really sat down and thought about it, I learned more about myself this year than I did last year, and just that realization feels pretty darn good.   So here's to all the things that helped 2012 be the year that it was.

My Top Ten: One:  Joining POSSIBLE, a digital agency that has given me the opportunity to work with some really talented people and that has taught me a lot about the importance of bending and flexing.

Two:  Traveling to Paris on eight separate occasions and finally being able to declare what I consider the world’s best chocolate croissant at Gerard Mulot

Three: Road Trips.  We bought a Volvo in May, affectionately named her Stella and cruised our way up and down the east coast.  Sometimes we drove an hour out of the city to spend the day at Storm King and other times we found ourselves adventuring up to northern Maine or down to Charlottesville.

Four:  Celebrating four years of marriage to my kick-ass husband who inspires me every day but genuinely blows my mind with everything he and the team create at their amazing company, StudioBooth.

Five: Music.  I had the opportunity to see some pretty incredible shows this year.  Whether it was Bon Iver at Radio City, my first Phish show in nearly 10 years,  or seeing Mia Moretti and Caitlin Moe perform at amfAR’s Miami benefit, I found myself giddy with excitement and appreciative of the fact that there are so many talented musicians out there expressing themselves and that just by listening I am able to be a part of that.

Six:  Weddings.  We celebrated some of our nearest and dearest friends making it official.   These were some of the best weekends of the whole year.  I mean, what can be better than dancing till the wee hours of the morning, drinking a bit too much and being surrounded by people that are all celebrating this thing we call love?

Seven: Argentina, an amazing country that we were able to spend a few weeks in.  Yes, the steaks and wine were amazing but what inspired me most was the street art.  I’d turn a corner and would be confronted and surprised with beautiful works of art.

Eight:  Running.  I’ve never been much of a runner and still don’t necessarily consider myself one, but in 2012 I started running.  It started with a 5k and now I’m signed up for a half marathon in 2013.  Eek!

Nine: Sunsets.  I know I said this last year and I hope to say it again next year.  The sunsets in 2012 continued to blow my mind.  I love that moment when the sun dips and the sky and clouds light up with various colors and shapes.  Sometimes they seem like they last for just a moment and sometimes I sit there for an hour watching it all change until it finally disappears.

Ten: Matilda Uni Rose, our 5 year old pug, who is quite honestly, the. best. dog. ever.

So thanks 2012 for all of this amazingness.  2013, I’m ready for more.  Bring it.