Discovered: Klari Reis

Jupiter//February 15th, 2013

Absinthe on the Rocks//January 26, 2013

Umbrellas in a Noir Film//January 7, 2013

Sea Shell in Love//February 13, 2013


I'm loving Klari Reis' once a day petri dish project.  Stirring pigments into plastic-epoxy polymer, Reis creates this unique  and highly interpretive works of art.  Reis did a similar project back in 2009 and decided to embark upon the journey again.  It is interesting to see how her creations from 2009 differ from those in 2013.  I've picked a few from 2013 that I'm particularly fond of; I love that each one tells its own story that is provoked by Reis' titles.  You can see the whole collection thus far here.


*via Fast Co Design