moment: Ace Hotel PDX


On a recent trip to Portland, we made an evening out of a delicious dinner at Clyde Common and a late night photobooth session next door at The Ace Hotel.

Dinner: -pork belly served on top of a fried green tomato, pocha beans and piccalilli -roasted beets with potatoes, boiled eggs, pickled carrots and touch of fennel -grilled flatiron steak accompanied by a smoked tomato relish -roasted peach shortcake with a maple-bourbon ice cream and a dollop praline cream

Cocktail of choice: East of Eden: Bombay Dry, lemon, elderflower liqueur, Gewurtzraminer reduction and an egg white served up

Summer perfection.

Discovered: Ice Melts. Whisky Rocks.

1 We're big fans of whiskey.  I like Oban and D prefers a Lagavulin.  So when I came across these Whiskey Stones design by Teroforma, I was pretty darn excited.   Made out of natural soapstone from Vermont, they take advantage of the fact that soapstone has a unsual ability to conduct and retain coldness, making it a perfect solution for chilling our whiskey without watering it down.  Can't wait to give them a try.


drysoda I've always loved and been inspired by well designed packaging.  One of my greatest sources of inspiration in this area is the blog, Lovely Package.

I was particularly taken with a recent post on the new bottle designs for DRY Soda by Turnstyle Studios.  The creative brief from DRY was that they wanted the bottles to look at home in an upscale restaurant or at a five star hotel. Turnstyle intentionally kept the bottle minimal yet sophisticated - modern with a twist. I think they were spot on with the design, it conveys the message of the brand and makes me want to drink up.