Know Thy Goode Neighbor

Know Thy Goode Neighbor from littleredbike on Vimeo.

The last couple of weeks I've been working on a project.  A big project; a dream project.  My sister and I are applying to  be Murphy-Goode's Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent.   Murphy Goode is a family run vineyard in Sonoma County that is looking for a "lifestyle correspondent" who knows how to navigate Facebook, Twitter, blogs, and social media to tell the world about their wines and the Sonoma County Wine Country.   We thought it would be great to tackle the challenge as sisters.  It's a six month project that would allow us to move to Sonoma and do what we love and do best: eat, drink, blog, learn and laugh.

The biggest part of the application is a video, which got posted two nights ago along with the other 450 people who have made it this far.   The voting process ends in FOUR days.

That's where YOU come in.  We need your vote.  We need your friends vote.  We need your fans votes. We need your coworkers votes.  We need the worlds vote.

So if you could kindly take a second and vote for our submission we will be forever grateful.  The folks at Murphy-Goode have made the process really easy.

Please watch our video here:

Thanks to all of you for helping us make one of dreams come true.  Seriously.

Yes Please: Storm King Art Center

nyc050109_036 nyc050109_111


Last week we had the opportunity to spend the day up at the Storm King Art Center.  Storm King is a sprawling 500 acre museum filled with sculptures by Alexander Calder, Magdalena Abakanowicz, Mark di Suvero, Richard Serra, Ursula von Rydingsvard and many others.  Imagine rolling hills, birds, wild flowers and the ability to wander and explore from all angles.  Regardless of the cloudy skies and sprinkles, it was a perfect way to spend a day.  We'll no doubt be back again soon for a picnic and more wandering.


title Kacie Kinzer put together an interesting social experiment: Could a robot navigate Washington Square Park purely by the help of strangers?  Let's see what the collaboration of a Tweenbot and park goers can do.  "Tweenbots are human-dependent robots that navigate the city with the help of pedestrians they encounter. Rolling at a constant speed, in a straight line, Tweenbots have a destination displayed on a flag, and rely on people they meet to read this flag and to aim them in the right direction to reach their goal."  Surprisingly, on its first outing, thanks to the  help of 29 people,  it traversed through Washington Square Park in just 42 minutes.  Here is a video of Tweenbot's adventure.

Here is a link to more of the robots that Kacie is working on as part of her thesis at ITP

*via Laughing Squid